RealViz was established as a company specializing in real-time Visualization. Recently, AI using big data and 3D visualization have become important technologies. Our highly experienced team of experts deliver the best solution for you.

Company name RealViz, Inc.

2-6-2, Kajichō , Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo, 101-0044, Japan(Headquarters)

15-1, Kandaiwamoto-cho , Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo, 101-0033, Japan(Sales & Mgmt)

Chitose Arcadia Plaza 4F,1-3-1 Kashiwadai Minami, Chitose city,Hokkaido, 066-0009, Japan(Chitose office) 

Established September 2000
Founder Misao Tajima, CEO
Masanori Saito, CTO
Stock JPY 10,000,000

COTS commercial off-the-shelf

We have been supplying reliable overseas COTS products with wealth of business experience since our company was established. We received a very high evaluation by our customers for the support of reliable technical strength and we can provide integration, development support, and after-sales support as the best solution.

Solution business

We are developing applications and systems using the latest technology in a wide range of fields, from defense and aerospace to disaster prevention. Our experience of system integration is effectively utilized for various situations where high reliability is required such as VR・AR/MR, ATC simulator integrated Systems, C4I systems and Embedded System development for actual equipment.


We offer a consistent educational solution ranging from the provision of educational contents with latest 3D technologies, VR・AR/MR and LMS to the contracting services of education. We also supply content that can be used widely from lectures to on-site teaching materials as well as parts procurement and maintenance. In addition, the education commission can be effectively promoted by experienced instructors.


We are dealing with the creation of realistic content that makes use of the special video display features and the development of high-definition display systems to make these experiences more enjoyable. We deliver immersive interactive content and an excellent entertainment experience with projection technology. We also sell and maintain the ZEISS planetarium, which has been introduced worldwide for its excellent expressiveness.