RealViz proposes and creates the system that composes the simulation environment.


1. Products and Development Expertise
For more than 15 years, RealViz has been supplying our customers commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products that are leaders in their fields and that have been proven at the largest government organizations and companies throughout the world. Our technical staff have been recognized as being the best in their fields because of their extensive experience and specialized development techniques that supplement the functionality of our products. RealViz is therefore able to provide consultation to our clients and deliver customized solutions which meet the most challenging requirements.
2. Defense and Aerospace
Our staff have the deep experience required to meet the unique needs of defense and aerospace. We have developed various applications using state-of-the-art technologies and have done joint research and development with national research institutes. Furthermore, we have been supplying technologies for embedded systems and solutions including C4I systems, realtime visualization technologies for the design of new equipment, and complete integration of high-performance simulators. Our realtime visualization technologies have also helped customers in the design of new equipment.
3. Civilian
RealViz applies its product strengths and development capabilities to civilian applications including evacuation simulation, emergency control room training, urban planning, training and design of heavy machinery and other specialized vehicles, and autonomous driving. We help clients with the analysis of various disaster scenarios such that optimal response plans can be developed.
4. Education
RealViz has delivered efficient education content and various training courses. Customers utilize our original workflows in “Learning”, “Management”, and “Evaluation” based on RealViz’s courseware management system. Additionally, our specialized technical team provides classroom training, practice courses, and tailor-made courses as requested by the customer.
5. Entertainment
Our engineers employ their deep familiarity with realtime 3D technologies in order to create immersive interactive digital content. Such content can be used for projection systems like domes, CUBE, and immersive realtime interactive devices and have been delivered to planetariums, science museums, and public relations facilities. In order to increase the overall entertainment experience, we also offer the latest technologies such as binocular vision systems and a naked-eye solid system that allows stereoscopic vision without glasses.
Partnership contracts with about 20 of the leading companies throughout the world.Able to offer state-of-the-art solution proposals.

Major strengths of RealViz are to offer technologies from the top overseas firms, and as necessary provide experienced technical engineers who can propose and develop systems that meet the customer’s most demanding requirements.